Turkey Talk

Welcome to my turkey talk page.

Soon l will giving you information on my experiences of life with turkeys

There lots of ups and downs and all through 2017 the different stages of Mating and the Rearing of young turkeys with all the problems.

I will also be answering any questions from you if you encounter any difficulties, I.e. Diseases, Hatching problems, selecting the best birds and so on.

Look forward to hearing off you.

Greetings everyone.

Is it just me or is everyone suffering with their turkeys moulting?
Some of my birds I entered for the National have decided they wish to drop feathers.
For me that is extremely annoying as I have have been nursing what I thought were my final choice of birds for our Turkey Club Show.
With over 300 turkeys to choose from it took weeks and weeks to come to the final decision.
Now I have to go back to the drawing board.
All is not lost though I do have second and third strings of show birds. Rather than have empty pens and let Peter down I’ve picked others which aren’t quite as good but acceptable for the show pen.
We shall see.

Best wishes and good look to you all.  David Hwkeswood.


cheers David Hawkeswood

keeper of Rare Breed Turkeys in the UK
Phoenix Rare Breed Turkeys