Welcome to my Turkey Show page. l will provide information on the best shows which have turkey and turkey egg classes.

There some really good Shows out there for you wanna be and regular turkey exhibitors.

Watch this space for  the best info!

Greetings everyone.
Some show dates for your diary:

Kingsbridge Show

Mid January. Ideal show for the Exhibitor. One of the top poultry shows of the year and the bonus of being a turkey club regional show.

Contact: Peter Haywood on 01548 821212

Royal  Bath n West Show

Usually end of May, early June time. A great Agricultural show with lots to do. It is a four day event and surely one for your diary.

For details contact the Showground Office on: 01749 822200

Royal Three Counties Show

Around mid June time this is another really good Agricultural event with lots to see and do. Also a bonus of being a Turkey Club Regional Show.

Contact the livestock office for details on:  01684 584901

Cheshire Show

Another for June time. With lots of stuff for the family to enjoy and a great atmosphere.

Contact for details:   01568 650200

Royal Welsh Show

Mid July time.  Another fantastic show and definately one for your Diary.

Again contact the livestock office on:  01982 554404

Malvern Show

Set in the Malvern Hill’s a fabulous two day show, it is a must see and great couple of days for all.

Contact Huw Evans on: 01386 830674

National Federation Show

Around the end of November time. This Show is truly a wonderful two day event, one of the big two shows of the year with around 7,000 birds to look at. With the Turkey Club Show thrown in for good measure. Surely the first date in your Diary.

Contact details on:   01830 520856

Federation Show

Mid December time. The other  big show with again 7,000 exhibits of poultry and waterfowl plus a Turkey Club Regional Show.

Contact:   01270 619990

Turkey Judges!

Last weekend we were at one of our regular yearly shows. There were 10 turkeys entered, 6 stags and 4 hens .
We only take our second or third string of birds as I’m a strong believer in keeping your best birds for the best shows, ie the club show.
I was sitting not far from the turkeys having a cuppa .
Then the judge came over and started what l thought was assessing the turkeys.
After he walked up and down the gangway, did a bit of prodding with his judging stick l thought is that it? That wasn’t what you would call being judged! My point is the majority of turkey judges haven’t had a turkey judging test and from the evidence l have seen pick the prettiest looking birds as their selection of placing .
Win or lose there’s a big issue here.
The most recent turkey news letter gave a list of turkey judges and after reading it I was disgusted the majority of these couldn’t even recognize a turkey let alone judge one.
You just cannot beat the old school judges, they really do know what they are doing .
Sadly there are but a few proper judges left, Jack Killeen, Janice Houghton Wallace and of course Peter Hayford.
These guys are real turkey people. So sad there aren’t many more like them .
It’s the sign of the times really no-one lives forever and yes we all have to start somewhere with newly appointed judges .
Maybe it’s me, am l Deluded or can anyone judge a turkey?

Showing turkeys

There are some awesome shows and events on during the year. Where you can participate by showing your turkeys.  It can be a whole lot of fun.  Whether you are serious about exhibiting or taking part just for the experience.  Give it a go it’s very simple, just enter your turkeys in the classes provided in the poultry section .
The majority of shows held throughout the year are usually country fairs, County shows or agricultural events.  On the other hand if you think you have some good turkeys then enter your bird or birds at the club show.
The National poultry show in November where the biggest event of the year is held.  There not only will you be exhibiting against some of the the best turkey keepers around but you get to meet them.
We don’t bite and l think you may have a really enjoyable time.
Make yourself known come to the Turkey Club stand perhaps even join our club we will welcome you.  You may even win a rosette.
For more information simply get in touch with the turkey club myself on this Address, have fun, cheers, best wishes, David Hawkeswood.

National Club Show Results

Sat-Sunday the 19th and 20th November 2016.

The Turkey Club Annual Show got off to a good start. The 35 entries became 30 as 5 pens were empty. All in all the weekend went very well with everyone being of good spirit and getting on really well.
The AGM went very smoothly with lots being discussed and the presentation of trophies was very well done especially with Peter Hayford at the helm.
Sadly for me it was my last day as Show Secretary as I stepped down due to more pressing commitments.

On a personnel note we won 6 trophies.
Best White, Best Norfolk Black, Best Bronze, Best Buff and very pleasing for Sarah, Best Single and Best Plate of three turkey eggs .
However it didn’t stop there. The plate of three turkey eggs went on to be Reserve best eggs in show, totally  unexpected, but a wonderful surprise just the same.

The Best turkey was won by the lovely Dianne Tanner with a fabulous (pied stag)
A very well deserved prize for a very worthy Exhibitor.

For me a well run show and an excellent weekend. Well done and thank you to all Exhibitors and those who attended.      David Hawkeswood

Pied Turkey

2016 Champion Turkey Diane Tanner’s fabulous Pied Stag .
Diane has had the champion turkey for the last 3 years in a row all with different Pied turkeys.
That’s truly Amazing.

Well done Diane, you’re a Genius..David Hawkeswood

cheers David Hawkeswood

keeper of Rare Breed Turkeys in the UK
Phoenix Rare Breed Turkeys