None Standard

A Huge welcome to my None standard page. Basically l have set up this page to help others and give pointers where necessary, also giving you an insight on my progress with creating new varieties.

Please feel free to participate.

What does None standard mean?

Basically it’s a variety not yet recognised by the Poultry Club of Great Britain and in this case the turkey club too.
Anyone can have None std ( None standard) turkeys.
However it does help if you have lots of information and understanding to progress correctly .
It also helps if you have lots of time, money and patience. If you are lucky enough to have all these you are practically halfway there .
It’s very important to understand that there may be many surplus to requirement turkeys along the way so l would suggest you have a plan in motion to where they will end up .
Preferably in Farm Parks, Rare Breed Farms or Stately Homes etc. Certainly not on the Dinner table as most would suggest. (Awful)

On a personal note l have severalĀ  None std varieties.

The North American andĀ the Eastern American are both wild varieties as is the Ocellated Turkey .
However my main project at present is the Red slate and the Blue pied.
They are doing very well, more info on them later.
As with the recreation of The crimson Dawn or Black Wing Bronze.

Keep an eye on my progress and please feel free to get involved.

cheers David Hawkeswood

keeper of Rare Breed Turkeys in the UK
Phoenix Rare Breed Turkeys