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Rare-Cambridge-Bronze-TurkeyThe season has been amazing for me.

I have almost achieved my goal of having my flocks of turkeys ranging from 15 to 20 of each variety in their large aviaries here at our breeding station.
We have an impressive 16 varieties of turkeys all along side each other.

The most important factors about us are:

  1. From our breeding station we will be in a good position to help genuine turkey breeders with there breeding programs next year
  2. None of our surplus stock are killed as new homes are found for all spare turkeys.
    Being the only organisation in the UK that are strictly a none utility enterprise on this scale.

We are proud to be involved in saving the Rare breed turkey.

We are also extremely lucky to have bred and obtained some of the best bloodlines around and wish to thank all those who believe in what we stand for.

September 2016

Pied-Crollwitzer-TurkeyToday is a good day for me as my Narragansetts get to move into their new home.
A  60ft x40ft Aviary with a 14ft x 12ft sleeping quarters.
So you can imagine I’m very excited for them .
Although l love all my turkeys to bits l have a soft spot for my Narragansetts.
Since acquiring a trio from Janice some 5 years ago l haven’t look back .
I truly inherited a magnificent blood line producing so many winners in the show pen .
I am so privileged to have them infact it is they that inspired me to work on my other blood lines to improve and one day have the best  varieties  of turkeys around – thanks Janice.
I’m half way.

I’m often asked what will you do with your turkeys when you retire?
Well l am actually retired  l have been for 11 years since l had lung cancer and more recently heart disease.
I’m pretty much OK enough to get by now though.
Anyway l have a plan in motion for all my turkeys to go to a good home so l don’t have to worry about that.

Thank you

September 2016

Yesterday I sent my resignation to the Turkey Club to inform them that from the AGM in November I will no longer be Show Secretary.
There are a lot of reasons why I personally cannot go on.
However I prefer to keep that to myself as l do not wish the turkey club itself any bad press .
I always will wish the turkey club every success in the world, though I won’t pretend I’m not somewhat worried about it.
I will still be a member and will always promote the wonderful turkey when and wherever we can.
I still have all my projects with other turkey keepers, some members, some not; and of course the organisations I’m involved in.
All this means a great deal to me and will continue to stay with it to the end.

I would however like to take this opportunity to thank Janice Houghton Wallace for starting a fantastic club and hope that the turkey club can reach even greater heights.
Your hard work and loyalty will never be matched or forgotten, thank you Janice

National show after thoughts

I can’t really complain with my results I entered in all 10 classes.
Pulled out of the Pied class so down to 9.
Then my birds decided to drop their feathers so back to the drawing board.
The 4 classes I thought I had a chance with all won.
Being (The Buffs, Norfolk Blacks, White and the Bronze.
However the second and third string l brought all got at least 2nd or third Placing!
All in all we did well winning 6 Trophies  including reserve best eggs in show. Yes I’m happy with the results.
And it does give you some indication for next year’s breeding pens.   David

cheers David Hawkeswood

keeper of Rare Breed Turkeys in the UK
Phoenix Rare Breed Turkeys