We are very proud to be the only organisation in the UK  that are 100% committed. To the protection, conservation and well being of all the 10 varieties of turkeys. Plus several None standard varieties that I’m passionate about.
These all being alongside each other at our breeding station here in the beautiful Cotswolds.
We are however strictly a non utility organisation which means  knowingly none of our turkeys will end up on a Dinner plate .
Good homes are always found for our surplus turkeys.
Please remember folks turkey are not for Xmas but for life.
Thank you David.

About us – Phoenix Rare Breed Turkeys

Welcome to my website. My name is David Hawkeswood and I live in the Cotswolds – a truly beautiful part of the country. I first got involved with keeping turkeys about six years ago when l met my wife, Sarah. It was a case of love me, love my turkeys! Since then, my wife and I have set up our rare breeds farm which is home to chickens, ducks, geese and of course my pride and joy, my lovely rare breed turkeys.

We also keep about one hundred and twenty commercial breed turkeys purely for their eggs. Sarah sells these eggs at local markets. I am passionate at protecting the rare breed turkey bloodlines and here at the farm, I am proud to say that I keep all ten rare breeds of turkey.

I am also proud to be working with some other well established turkey breeders who share my aims of conserving and protecting the rare breed turkeys. This is a great way to pool knowledge and ensure a safe and secure future for all of our rare breed turkeys.

Turkey Breeds kept by Phoenix Rare Breed Turkeys include:

Norfolk Blacks
Pieds (Crollwitzer)
Bourbon Reds
Blue Slate
Black Slate
Blue (Lavender)
Cambridge Bronze
Harvey Speckled
Crimson dawn ( Black Winged  Bronze)
Spanish Blacks

as well as the non-standard varieties of Turkeys we keep:

Red slate
Wild American Bronze
Commercial Bronze
North American Bush Turkey

I have presently got projects going on to preserve these beautiful birds, working hand in hand with other breeders and organizations.

Sorry viewing by appointment only thank you  … David Hawkeswood

Turkeys wanted

Harvey Speckled
Blue (Lavender)
Red and Black Spotted Nebraskens
Bourbon Red Hens …Mahogany deep red  only not buff in colour
Black Wing Bronze or Crimson Dawn

Also any books on turkeys wanted

Does anyone out there have or know anyone who keeps Occerlated turkeys? To share info and stock from a passionate turkey collector please get in touch

Show results we have from our Turkeys

Best Turkey Results

2011 Three Counties Show – Morton in Marsh
2011 Cotswold Poultry Show – Three Counties Show
2012 Cotswold Poultry Show –  Bath n West  – Three Counties Show
2013 Champion Turkey National Club Show
2013 Royal Bath n West – Three counties Show – Morton in Marsh
2013 Three Counties Show – Morton in Marsh
2014 Morton  in Marsh
2014 Bath n West – Three counties Show
2015 National Club Show  – Reserve Champion
2015 Malvern show 2015
2016 Bath n West  2016 – Three Counties Show

 Champion Turkey Certificate
Best Turkey Eggs Results

2011 Cotswold Poultry Show
2012 Cotswold Poultry Show – Three Counties Show – Morton in Marsh Royal Three Counties Show – National Poultry Show – Royal Bath n West –
2013 Three Counties Show – Morton in Marsh – Bath n West
2014 Royal Malvern Show – Three Counties Show – National Club Show
2014 Morton in Marsh
2015 Royal Malvern Show – Three Counties Show
2016 Bath n West  Morton in Marsh – Three Counties Show
2016 Malvern show Best plate of three and single turkey egg
2016 National show  – single and plate of three

 Certificate Plate of Turkey Eggs
Best Eggs in Show

2012 Cotswold Show
2012 Three Counties Show  – Welsh Federation Show
2012 Welsh Federation
2013 National club show
2013 Morton in Marsh
2014 Morton in Marsh
2015 Royal Three Counties Show
2016 Bath n West  – Reserve best eggs 610 plates forward
2016 National show  Reserve best eggs



Supreme turkey egg Royal County Show Turkey Royal Bath Show Turkey Egg
royal three show turkey egg malvern-best-turkey-eggs
National Show best plate turkey eggs


The hard work starts now…

For other information look on our menu…

cheers David Hawkeswood

keeper of Rare Breed Turkeys in the UK
Phoenix Rare Breed Turkeys

Please note all pictures on this website are of my own birds and not out of books or other websites unless otherwise stated.